About EX-IBM Corporation

In 1973, Bob McGrath, who worked for IBM and IBM World Trade for 17 years, founded the EX-IBM Corporation.

Immediately, IBM alumni still active in business, as well as those retired, expressed interest in having a list of former colleagues and fellow employees.

The first printed copy of the IBM Alumni Directory was published in 1974 and received widespread publicity in Business Week, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and other business magazines.

There were two primary objectives in producing the Directory; to allow IBM alumni to renew and preserve old acquaintances and friendships and to provide the business community with a valuable business reference. These objectives remain in place today.

Fast forward 50 years: IBM Alumni data is now on the Internet.

As you know, a database like this is subject to errors of omission and commission. If there are errors, please let us know and we will correct them. If you know of alumni who are not included in the database, please pass along the information.

Of course, we will welcome any suggestions you may have to improve the quality of the information.